3 - 4 September 2019, Dubai

MB Connect line


MB Connect Line

Stand No: B18


MB Connect Line is the pacemaker when it comes to solutions for professional communication via internet. Their main focus is a secure connection of machines and plants for remote maintenance, data collection and M2M-communication.

Industry 4.0 introduces the all-encompassing digitalization of the complete chain from planning and development to production and logistics. MB Connect Line deliver compelling solutions with a focus on functionality and strong data security which makes them hardened against unauthorized access, manipulation and spying.

Products and Services offered in the Middle East:

·         mbNETFIX – The Automation Firewall
·         mbCONNECT24 – The secure Remote Service Portal
·         mbNET -  The Industrial Router with Security Chip

Product Offering:

mbNETFIX is a new industrial firewall for automation users. It provides protection against attacks by segmenting the production network into manageable and logically separated units. Developed according to the highest security standard, this firewall can be installed and configured without special IT knowledge. With the operating modes Gateway and Bridge it seamlessly integrates into new and already existing network structures.

mbCONNECT24 is the Remote Service Portal of MB connect line, a platform for remote access, data logging and alarming for web-based visualization and for M2M communication. 

mbNET, the industrial router is specifically designed for industrial use and enables a secure and reliable connection of machines and equipment via Internet. With Secure Boot, only certified firmware is accepted during the router’s boot-process. The Secure Element, a separate IC, securely stores all passwords, keys and certificates. This ensures a reliable, scalable and cyber secure remote access which increases customer satisfaction, reduces downtime and reduces travel costs for machines and plants.