3 - 4 September 2019, Dubai



Stand No: A18

Since its foundation in 1991, Progea has been paving the way in the world of evolutional industrial supervision, representing a reliable and competent reference point for all its customers. Right from the start, Progea chose to develop their company based on their product technology know-how, customer help services, quality and professionalism. The past twenty-seven years have seen the company grow to become a unique Italian reality in the international sector of SCADA/HMI software. Keeping this in mind, they will continue the path offering nothing but the best in advanced technology for Scada applications.

Products and Services offered in the Middle East:

Movicon™ is the SCADA/ HMI platform with applications in every automation sector for global use, from Oil & Gas to Water Treatment, Automotive, Energy, Pharma, Food and Packaging, etc. Movicon™ allows users to obtain an ecosystem of applications providing SCADA supervision, GeoSCADA telecontrol, HMI solutions, connectivity systems, IIoT and Plant Intelligence and productivity solutions.

Benefits & Advantages:

It’s the whole set of Movicon NExT features that makes it a winning product. For instance, the graphics are based on XAML and support animated 3D objects. The Web technology is based on HTML5 and therefore will work on any client without the need for plugins or add-ons in the browser to run it. Other highly appreciated features include Report and Web Reports, historical / data aggregation, alert notification, scheduler, OPC-UA client / server, and new drivers for IIoT and Cloud. Most of their competitors are adding features to their SCADA solutions but the technology their systems is based on does not allow such flexibility as Movicon NExT does.