3 - 4 September 2019, Dubai




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The company’s objectives are customized solutions with maximum quality and cost efficiency. Service stands for performance, competence and flexibility at Indu-Sol. Trust, openness and mutual respect are the basis of successful collaboration. Teamwork and communication create transparent knowledge and lay the foundation of a professional advice. 

Indu-Sol is an international operating technology company in the automation industry. With a team of over 100 employees Indu-Sol GmbH provides solutions that ensure industrial automation systems running the fieldbus- and industrial Ethernet technology function properly. With Indu-Sol you found a partner taking care of all your networks as they operate manufacturer independent, have cross-industry and cross-system know-how. Indu-Sol benefits from 15 years of measurements in differentiated plants with unique networks. From these practical experiences Indu-Sol generated own standards and guidelines for a stable and sustainable network. With a large network of distribution partners, Indu-Sol operates worldwide in all kind of industries. 

Products and Services offered in the Middle East:
The mission of Indu-Sol GmbH is the objective evaluation of the quality of industrial data communication. Therefore, the portfolio contains a large spectrum of products and solutions for all popular fieldbuses such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CAN, ASi and many more. The scope of products includes connectors, cables and measuring points through self-developed metrological measuring tools and software. In this way, weak-points in networks or fieldbuses can be localized, disturbances detected at early stage and countermeasures initiated. In order to ensure the continuous functioning of automated systems the company developed a complete system solution for Permanent Network Monitoring (PNM) with the goal of sending a warning before a system is down. This continuous monitoring of the fieldbus systems provides information about the current and past condition of a system to make maintenance plannable and ensure uninterrupted production without serious losses. Therefore, Indu-Sol developed a range of products like quality and cable testers for trouble shooting, INspektors that monitor the running fieldbus system and high level infrastructure components that are available around the world. 
EMC in automation is another core competency of Indu-Sol where the company offers various solutions to ensure optimal equipotential bonding characteristics. Furthermore, many ways of knowledge transfer to customers using seminars, metrological measurements and technical support are offered. As a key partner in practical application, Indu-Sol also supports its customers in all areas from planning and commissioning to maintenance and troubleshooting. 

Benefits & Advantages:
  • Completeness: You get “everything from one source”. For PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet and other networks usual in the industry – from planning a new plant or modernization of existing networks, to the supervision of acceptance tests, as well as measurements and troubleshooting .
  • Know-how: PI have many years of experience. As a certified training and competence center of the parent organisation PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) share knowledge in practical oriented trainings and seminars – if you wish also in your company premises.
  • Competence on-site: The Indu-Sol in-house development department with over 20 employees guarantees innovative products and quick reaction to customer requirements.
  • Independence: Solutions are independent of manufacturers and applicable in many branches that utilize automation engineering e.g. automotive, paper, steel, food.
  • Global Player: Indu-Sol constantly expands its international partner network. In this way, they ensure a worldwide local availability of products, support and services.
  • Individual and immediate support: The Company’s employees are available via telephone support for your inquiries and questions.
  • Products for everyone: All products are unique by their ease of use, well-structured handling and quick results.