September 2019, Dubai

An interview with Stefanie Schulze, International Sales & Marketing at Indu-Sol

An overview of our company and activities in the Middle East 

Indu-Sol GmbH provides solutions that ensure industrial automation systems running the fieldbus- and industrial Ethernet technology function properly. The Indu-Sol portfolio contains a large spectrum of products and solutions for all popular fieldbuses such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CAN, ASi and many more. 
The mission of Indu-Sol is the objective evaluation of the quality of industrial data communication. In order to ensure the continuous functioning of automated systems, the company developed different solutions with the goal of sending a warning before a system is down. In this way, weak-points in networks or fieldbuses can be localized, disturbances detected at early stage and countermeasures initiated. With a large network of distribution partners, Indu-Sol operates worldwide in all kind of industries. 
Furthermore, Indu-Sol has been busy transferring all of its knowledge to its customers using seminars, metrological measurements and technical support. We also provide consulting, planning and support with automation-projects.
Currently, Indu-Sol only serves direct requests from companies in the Middle East. For those we provide measurements of their industrial networks, offer trainings or supply products. As we normally serve customers abroad by local distribution partners we are currently working on developing the right partners in this region. 
Our reasons for taking part in the first edition of SPS Automation Middle East
The first edition of the SPS Automation Middle East is a great chance to inform all people working with industrial networks that we provide support to achieve a high production availability through simple solutions. Of course the fair is also a good opportunity to increase our brand awareness in the market. Also, we want to get a better understanding for the market and meet new interesting people from this region.
To meet these goals, we decided to become silver sponsor of this event. In our speech and on our booth we will present complete system solution for Permanent Network Monitoring (PNM) in order to continuously monitor your fieldbus systems. 
Our solutions provide information about the current and past condition of a system in order to make maintenance plannable and allow quick reactions to disturbances that can be easily localized. This in turn ensures uninterrupted production without serious losses. 
As a key partner in practical application, Indu-Sol also supports its customers in all areas from planning and commissioning to maintenance and troubleshooting. At SPS Automation Middle East, we will present our comprehensive range of measuring and diagnostic tools, software, and infrastructure components that are available. Furthermore, EMC in automation is another core competency of Indu-Sol where we will show various solutions to ensure optimal equipotential bonding characteristics without influencing a production network. 
Who do we hope to meet at the show?
We’re looking forward to meet operators, machines builders and constructors from the Middle East to create the awareness for efficient maintenance strategy with less effort and costs. Furthermore, we’re looking for local companies that are interested in becoming our partner by selling our products and providing services in the Middle East. Of course this show is also a big chance for networking and meeting interesting people and key players in the market. 
Our flagship product
There’s no new product launch at SPS Automation Middle East but of course we will highlight our latest intelligent managed switch the PROFINET / ETHERNET switch PROmesh P9. Why we developed switch number 534 on the market? In the future switches become the central hub – the heart of the networks. Today, 80 percent of the communication runs between the controller and the first switch port. 
However, the proportion of "cross traffic" that does not go through the controller is steadily increasing. Therefore, the PLC as the central device moves more to the background and the switches become the central components for diagnosis and network administration. Therefore, Indu-Sol developed a switch that is monitoring the port statistics and the equipotential bonding currents. 
This leakage current monitoring makes it possible to permanently record and evaluate the sum of all shielding currents of the PROFINET lines. Using this integrated function, EMC faults or couplings can be detected additionally to the complete PROFINET diagnostics. The live data is displayed on a structured, easy to read and very clear web interface. 
Furthermore, an alert management system is integrated that can inform about any changes. The PROmesh P9 is the only switch with more than four ports that is certified to the highest Netload Class III. All in all, the PROmesh P9 not only meets the requirements for PROFINET functionality but also fulfils highest demands for EMC resistance in the industrial environment. This ensures a high availability of your plant. 
Automation, IIoT, AI, Industry 4.0 – are these all just fleeting buzz words?
Automation, IIoT, AI and Industry 4.0 can be read everywhere. One might say they are just fleeting buzz words as the results cannot be seen so far. However, we need to be aware that these words stand for long-term processes involving many different kinds of innovations and new solutions in automation. Innovations always stand for improvements. 
The most important thing is to be open for new concepts. Of course implementing them takes time and costs resources but in some years you will benefit from your decisions. In Germany it took us a long way to optimise our production plants and develop efficient concepts. 
We think especially the younger productions in the Middle East can benefit from this knowledge by directly setting up optimised networks implementing the latest solutions. By doing so – and with the high financial power – the plants in Middle East could become the best automated plants in the world.
Key opportunities in the region for your business
In the last years, the PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International) was busy setting-up competence centers and training centers for PROFIBUS and PROFINET industrial networks in the Middle East. Their goal is to share the expertise of handling fieldbus networks. 
Indu-Sol is working closely with the PI to establish standards based on the experience of many field cases. So instead of going through the learning process of the industry nations, Middle East companies can directly benefit from the gained experience and establish well-proven systems when setting up new plants. 
We want to be the helping hand from the beginning on to ensure trouble-free production. Most important is to understand that waiting until problems and failures arise and react after that can already cost a lot of money. Therefore, it’s important to directly plan and set-up optimised networks and avoid inefficient, stressful maintenance. 
We think that there is high potential in this region to understand this situation from the beginning on. However, of course there are still automated plants in operation. As far as we know, in most industry sectors they are PROFIBUS, PROFINET and ASi based. Taking care of these fieldbuses belongs to our core competences. 
So this a big chance for Indu-Sol as we have the expertise to give support in the case of failures or downtimes of the networks, permanently monitor the quality of the fieldbus communication and provide products that are very structured and easy to use to provide a quick help for everyone. 
 The future of automation in the Middle East 
We’re not an expert for this region but from our point of view there is a transformation going on from oil and gas industry focusing more on transport, logistic and food & beverage industry. As explained before, currently most production networks are PROFIBUS based. 
This means they are in the transition phase to PROFINET which offers many benefits. However, also EMC (electromagnetic influences) will become an important topic with a higher degree of automation. By investing in the right technology the plants in the Middle East region could become the most modern ones in the world, playing a key role in world-wide production. 
Indu-Sol’s Middle East projects 
In the last year, we’ve been successful with selling PROFIBUS testers PB-QONE to different countries in the Middle East. This device is a simple measurement tool to detect any logical failures in the network, scan the topology during operation and monitor the communication quality. 
Furthermore, we had a training in-house with customers from UAE for the PROFINET Installer. We are also in touch with some potential distribution partners that we want to develop to partner companies that offer products as well as services. All in all, the potential of the Middle East market is very high and we will get started with local experts very soon. 
Meet Indu-Sol at SPS Automation Middle East
For Indu-Sol, SPS Automation Middle East is a great chance to generate awareness for optimized maintenance strategies. As the market is growing, we hope to inform about the best possible ways to organize industrial networks to allow a stress-free operation with low maintenance efforts and costs. 
With acceptance test measurements we can check the new build-up plants and see if they operate in the best possible quality or if simple disturbances can quickly lead to failures. Adhering to standards of the PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International) combined with the over 15 years of experience, Indu-Sol assures that your network is in the best possible state and will operate continuously over the next-years.