September 2019, Dubai

Interview with Horst-Dieter Kraus, Vice President Marketing and Communications, Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, Ostfildern (Germany)

1. What are your reasons for coming on-board as a Launch Partner at SPS Automation Middle East?

Trade fairs are always a reflection of society and their technical development. With SPS Automation Middle East it has become clear the immense potential for development in automation in this region. As a technology leader in safe automation, Pilz wants to help shape this substantial development.

2. What are your expectations for this inaugural event?

Pilz has been active in representative offices and direct business throughout the Middle East for many years. The established base of Pilz products in sectors such as automotive, machine tools or presses is already large. By participating  in SPS Automation Middle East, we want to expand the proximity to our customers locally.

3. Please give an overview of Pilz and your activities in the Middle East region? 

Pilz is represented in the region through two partnerships in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. These partnerships cover the whole region for our company. Thematic focus for Pilz is currently on the industrial automation in the area of packaging and food & beverages. The Middle East region is a highly strategic region in the fields of process technology, construction industry and the oil & gas industry. 

4. How developed would you say the UAE and wider region’s automation sector is?

Trade agreements ensure political and legal stability. And we have found a good industrial infrastructure in this region. 

5. What are the key challenges facing the regional Building, Industrial, Factory, Oil & Gas, or OEM automation sectors? 

At the moment, know-how and skilled employees have to be recruited from other countries 

6. Where are the opportunities for this emerging regional market?

As mentioned, we see a great potential for automation technology in the whole region. The Middle East forms an important link between Europe and Asia. In particular, Dubai plays a key role as a marketplace and is attracting investors from all over the world.

The hallmarks of modern industrial society include rising living standards, a larger range of products and the individualization of products, which lead to a greater variety with ever shorter product lifecycles. These developments present new challenges for the manufacturing industry: production needs to be more flexible, faster, more efficient and more resource-efficient.

Automation is not an end in itself. Its mission is to make everyday life easier for people, to support them in their personal and industrial environment. It should help to master the complexity of the processes around us. That makes automation the pacesetter of modern industrial society. Reliability and efficiency of industrial production are inextricably linked with automation. It creates the technical conditions for mass production and thus enables more and more people to participate in prosperity.

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG

Pilz is a globally operating innovative automation technology company. The solutions designed by Pilz ensure safety for people, machines and the environment. In addition to the head office in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, our family business employs more than 2,200 people in 40 subsidiaries and branch offices around the world.

The company focuses on products that include sensor technology, electronic monitoring equipment, safety relays, configurable and programmable control systems, automation solutions with motion control, industrial communication systems, as well as visualisation solutions and operating terminals. 

Solutions designed by Pilz can be found in all areas of mechanical and plant engineering, including the packaging and automobile industries and the railway technology, pressing and wind power sectors. Moreover, our solutions take the risk out of operating luggage conveyance systems at airports, keep cable cars or roller coasters running safely, and assure fire protection and energy supplies in buildings.

Above and beyond our products, Pilz also offers a comprehensive portfolio of services encompassing safety consulting and engineering, as well as product training programmes and seminars focusing on machine safety.